For Your Health

We are always looking out for your health. We use no lard in our cooking. Only high-quality, unsaturated vegetable oil. Our beans & rice are cooked with very little oil, and our Verde and Relleno sauces are very low fat. We deep-fry in Canola oil. Our corn tortillas are steamed, and upon request we will omit cheese and sour cream or serve them on the side. We also offer Gluten free and low-fat items.

Gluten Free

We are proud to offer several items prepared with gluten-free ingredients. They are indicated by an *asterisk on the menu. However, our kitchen is not gluten-free, but every attempt is made to meet your needs. We offer gluten-free items as a service and we assume no responsibility for their use. We recommend using caution if you have severe gluten allergies or sensitivities.

Low-Fat Items

Enchilada Verdes - Enchilada Camerones -

Enchilada Del Mar - Chicken or beef Tacos - Tostada